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The Couch

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

WGA West Registry #: 1981850

Tone: Thrilling and Conspicuous

Genre: Drama

Project Length: TV Original Episodic Series

(12 Episodes / 30 Minutes per episode)

LOGLINE: A casting director at the top of her game is threatened by those closest to her seeking to gain control of her empire exposing her hidden secrets.

SYNOPSIS: What it takes to get your favorite show on the screen is a lot more than hard work and determination. Ella-Mae Jenkins, a woman running away from her past abusive lifestyle with a violent husband, retreats to the big city of Atlanta where high society cousin Amelia resides. Amelia is a highly successful attorney with dreams of becoming the next big TV Judge. They attend a club that Amelia invested in with Logan, a lesbian stud on the verge of being the first female Hugh Hefner, where she also meets her new best friend, Sabrina, a bottle girl with dreams of being the Stylist to the stars. While in the club, she meets Julianna soon to be Cynthia Vogue (NOT). Julianna and Ella-Mae share their abusive history over a glass of wine. Suddenly, there is a shootout. Julianna is hit and perceived to be dead. During the shootout Ella-Mae mistakenly grabs Julianna purse, which is identical to hers and assumes the identity of Cynthia Vogue. Ella-Mae launches a casting agency under her new identity becomes a huge success. It grows to be the top agency in Atlanta but things turn for the worse when Ella-Mae’s new life is threatened by old enemies from her past who are determined to expose her. Ella-Mae’s solicits the help of her three colleagues to protect her secret from those who seek to overthrow her empire. They become the women of power in their respective industries who will hide, murder, bribe, and destroy to protect their empires. Mystery, sex, death and mayhem are the cornerstone of this episodic show. Heaven knows no strength like a woman with a plan.

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