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Sparrow's Song

WGA West Registry # 215911 Copyright 2022

Tone: Romantic and Treacherous

Genre: Romantic Drama

Project Length: Feature Film

(90 - 110 minutes)


A songstress from the backwoods and her drug mule husband fight to maintain their volatile love threatened by her serial killer fanboy on their rise to fame.


The beautiful and sweet Sparrow Belle, a down home country girl with a voice of gold, has always loved to sing since her early years of watching her grandmother, Birdie Belle, sing blues in the juke joints of Mississippi. With hairbrush in hand, she privately hones her craft by mimicking the great divas such as Nancy Wilson, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and many others. Her handsome and manly high school beloved, Anzel Yates, is her greatest motivator toward achieving her dream being the only audience member to her many boudoir performances. He joins her on the music path by becoming a singing couple, the likes of which have not been heard in years. They rise to instant stardom in their local hometown and their makeshift dive bar which becomes the place to be for all the local influencers and outcasts. Anzel creates the Mississippi Mule Train Transport Company, an underground drug transportation ring, after he connects with a group of Atlanta drug dealers with ties to the Columbian Cartel to fund the professional singing career Sparrow so desperately seeks. Things get out of hand when Anzel begins to use cocaine meant for distribution and begins to skim money from the Atlanta drug dealers. Mansa, the head of B.A.M (Black Atlanta Mafia), sends out his ops and begins a man hunt for Anzel as he begins a downward spiral while on the run. With murders from a local serial killer increasing, Anzel calls upon his brother and Sparrow’s childhood bully, Slick, a former high school football star now working with his brother loading the trucks, to protect Sparrow from harm as she rises to new heights as he is on the run due to the stolen drug money, he is using to fund her career. Unbeknownst to both, Slick has always had a childhood crush on Sparrow and becomes psychotically obsessed with her after hearing her siren like voice belt out a love song, he perceived was being sung directly to him. Ansel and Slick are both products of a black mother and Clyde, their redneck father from a racist family. Their mother was killed in a car accident leaving their clinically depressed father to raise two black men on his own. Due to the fact their father married a black woman and had black children, he was shunned by his racist family and likewise their mother was shunned from the black community for stepping outside her race. This forced them to move to an isolated and secluded area far away from both communities to protect their mixed children constantly being harassed for just being who they are. When Sparrow has an unexpected pregnancy, the couple fights to maintain the superstar path they created while battling the emotional and psychological pressure of maintaining their loving relationship. All of this occurs as the serial killer fanboy draws ever closer to his sadistic plan to make Sparrow his own.

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