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Mail Order Baby

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

WGA Registry #: 2092479 / Copyright 2020

Logline: A retiring couple become the Godparents of their dead friends’ child, now they must decide if they will keep the child or put it in the system.

Synopsis: When a middle-aged couple agreed to be the God Parents of their best friends’ child, they never realized that his new girlfriend was a mail order bride. The wife is ready for life after children while the husband wants things to remain the same. Their adult sons are ready to leave the nest. When their friend dies in a workplace accident it causes his mail order bride to commit suicide at which point the family’s trails of life come to a boiling point. While dealing with their own family issues, the couple must now decide if they are going to raise the child themselves or allow child protective service to give the child up for adoption.

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