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Fleur De Lis

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

WGA West Registry # 1959893 / Copyright 2017

Tone: Intriguing and Methodical

Genre: Drama

Project Length: TV Original Episodic Series (12 Episodes / 45 Minutes per episode)

LOGLINE: A loving couple manipulated into an arranged marriage struggling to claim their lives experience mental torments as their families feud about their Illuminati inheritance and royal bloodlines.

SYNOPSIS: In a world of lavish opulence, what does a man become who has everything? After Wade and Destiny have a secretive wedding, they must now deal with their new life of having their families come together as one with strong resistance by both families and the century old secrets they hold. The husband, Wade, is a wealthy jet setting playboy from old plantation money with ties to the illuminati. The wife, Destiny, is a modern urban socialite who parent worked hard in the global drug arena to get to the top. When Wade meets Destiny he knew she was her biggest challenge but Destiny knew he was not the one she desire. Wade takes on the challenge of making Destiny another notch in his belt but instead love changes everything making him not only the man Destiny needs but also the one she truly desires. Throughout the season, Wade and Destiny must deal with the drama that ensues from uniting these two families. They discover lifelong secrets that traumatize and change them in ways they would have never expected taking them through dark nights of the soul that will lead to their true mantles in the family structures. When you have everything, only love eludes you!

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