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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

WGA Registration #: 2092426 / Copyright 2020

Tone: Realistic & Treacherous

Genre: Hip Hop Drama

Project Length: Feature Film (90 - 110 minutes)

Logline: A genius high school student and gang leader seeking to change his life for the better moves to Atlanta to start his new career in filmmaking.

Synopsis: John has had a hard life bouncing from one explosive anger moment to the next. His anger stems from the abuse his mother suffered at the hands of his crack-addicted war-torn veteran Puerto Rican father. After his mother throws his father out by gunpoint, they all move to Boston where his mother works to obtain her Harvard Law degree while living in Boston projects. He uses his private school privilege to sell weed and drugs to his fellow high school students but ends up taking leadership over his brother's gang after his brother is sent to jail for racketeering due to the 90s tough on criminal drug laws. His formidable black panther mother tries to lead him down the right path to pursue a degree in engineering at MIT, but John has plans of his own that lead him to a life of crime. He meets the love of his life in Rose, a high society upscale girl who becomes addicted to his thug boy lifestyle. But when his jealousy and anger land him in jail for an extent, Rose moves on with her life in the arms of another sending him into a jealous rage that has him on the run. His brother and father convince him to move to ATL to pursue a career in film and video production while hiding out at his ex-gang member's local community college. They meet up with a shady “independent” producer with a Yoruba voodoo background who uses them to further his name in Atlanta as a “producer”. They lose everything in the process but gain wisdom and knowledge that causes them to meet Liam one of the top Hollywood producers who becomes their mentor and guides them on the path for greatness but that is where they are just getting started…

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