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Alexander Devereux, CEO

Certified Scriptwriter, Production & Casting Director
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Casting, Script Consultation, Script Doctoring, Scriptwriting
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Alexander Devereux
Certified Scriptwriter, Production & Casting Director

Being Mississippi’s number one purple hull peeler while drinking Perrier-Jouët and eating baked raspberry brie has profoundly influenced this urban country man and conflict drama writer. Alexander writes about those things that speak to the mind and resonate with the soul. Alexander is an overcomer.  His writing is not only reflective of the years of dedicated training he has amassed but it tells the story of the pain that must be healed and the traumatic past that must be released to allow healing to take its place.  Alexander T. Devereux is the leading Conflict Drama Scriptwriter.  He started writing at a very early age and has been a ghost writer on several TV and film projects for over 20 years.  He got his start as a casting director in 2019 and has now cast on numerous shorts, films, web series and television shows.  He has also worked as a line producer, director and script supervisor on various movies and shows. 

​Regale Productions specializes in professional and powerful screenwriting by observing the world around us and creating a story for the world around us. As the CEO of Regale Productions, he works directly with the writing, production, administrative & executive teams in facilitating the implementation and oversight of both new and existing creative content and provider services offered through their companies. Alexander brings more than 20 years of experience in the fields of scriptwriting, casting, production management, operations and administration in the metro-Atlanta area. 

​Alexander Devereux overcame epilepsy at birth, dyslexia, and poverty to graduate from college and become a highly successful professional.  He is a graduate from Morehouse College with his bachelors in economics.  When he isn’t hard at work, Alexander likes to spend his time writing scripts, watching movies, meditating and going to car shows.  Alexander is originally from Vicksburg, MS and currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

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Work Experience

Work Experience

2017 - Present

Regale Productions, Inc.

Founder & CEO

I am focused on my creative career doing what I love.

2007 - 2017

Enlightenment Chapel, Inc.

Founder & Spiritual Director

Ghost Writer for several productions in Film and Television.

2007 - 2017

Enlightenment Productions

Line Producer & Staff Writer

Started my Ghost Writing Career.



Georgia Film Academy

Film & Television Post-Production

Introduction to Film and Television Postproduction

Introduction to Editing with Avid Media Composer 100

Introduction to Sound Design with Avid Pro Tools 100

Atlanta Film Society

The PA Academy with Linda Burns (Production Assistant Training)

Scriptwriting with Linda Burns

The Producer Series with Linda Burns

(Producing Track)

Producing 101

Development 102

Business Proposal 103

(Budgeting Track)

Breaking Down a Script 201

Scheduling a Script 202

Budgeting a Script 203

Bridge 17 Scriptwriters' Studio

Level II Certification

Level I Certification

The Art of Writing Dialogue

The Art of Emotional Mapping

Series Character Development

Story Development and Pacing

Episodic Series Character Development

Film Character Development

The Art of Storytelling (Episodic)

The Art of Storytelling (Film)

Episodic Writing 101

Film Writing 101

Setting the World and Character Arc

The 3 Act Season Structure

Subtext and Dialogue

Plot Development

Symbolism and Suspense

The Art of Pitching

The Business of Screenwriting

Makaveli Writer's Studio

Storyline Identification & Development

Screenwriting I (Television)

Screenwriting II (Film)

Writing Fiction 101

Writing Fiction 102

Writing For Reality TV Workshop

Writing for Daytime/Late Night TV Workshop

Writing for Primetime TV Workshop

Morehouse College

Advanced Composition - Focused Enhancement of my skills in expository, critical, and specialized writing.

Creative Writing: Poetry - Established the elements and techniques of composition in verse. Developed my skills through exercises, assignments and class response.

Creative Writing: Fiction and Drama - Established the elements and techniques of short fiction and drama in my work. Developed my skills through close review of literary fiction and drama and through composition of my original works of fiction and drama.



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Contact Me

Contact Me

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Tel: (678) 997-8957

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